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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving towards to use of technologies to facilitate the operation of the government and the disbursement of government information and services. As the Saudi E-government deals heavily with Internet applications to aid in governments, but also covers a number of non-Internet concerns for the backend procedures.

As the Saudi community has witnessed and benefited the high development in the e-government in the last past few years and still looking for more. In the other hand the upcoming new applications that was not covered in the pre-phases of the deployment of the e-government such as smart phones and the integrations with the applied systems, tells us that the e-government is not as we thought as a onetime project but it’s a continues projects that the Saudi government will keep investing in intensively.

alfanar IT recognized the importance of the e-government and has been building its experience with the government parties to develop their work procedures to be more efficient to fulfill its role to the Saudi society.

The crucial objective of the E-Government is to be able to offer an increased portfolio of public services to the Saudi citizens and foreigner residents in an efficient and cost effective manner. Transparency is a major benefit of the E-government that allows citizens and residents to follow up their procedures with less hustle and less paper work. Major and minor tasks can be utilized electronically; E-government allows these tasks to be performed efficiently with more convenience to individuals. It is convenient and cost-effective for businesses, and the public benefits by getting easy access to the most current information available without having to spend time, energy and money to get it.

Who we are?

alfanar IT is a Saudi leader in systems integration consulting resulting from decades of experience helping some of the leading Saudi organizations, our skilled people, a profound understanding of technology and our industrialized approach. alfanar IT (Systems Integration Consulting) helps clients solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as IBM, Cisco and ULTIMUS, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace.

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