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The Project is King Saud University Hospitals (KSU) – for more information about the university please visit The University website Backlog for 1.3 Million patient files (65 Million Paper) preexisting documents and enable the system to store unlimited number of future documents for King Saud University (KSU) Hospitals.

KSU Hospitals are two educational hospitals located in two different locations and in huge need to share the full history of patient’s information for better diagnosis and educational reasons.

Implement Document Management system to add/retrieve patient Electronic Health Record (HER) through unified portal (Based on Microsoft SharePoint Server) through the integration with Hospital Information System (HIS). Patient information includes both structure data such as demographic information and file number and the non structure data consist of all patient condition documents such diagnostic analysis and X-Ray scans.

alfanar IT integrated the existing Hospital Information System (HIS) is product by North Gate (responsible to manage the patient-doctor visits and follow-up timing and booking) to the existing Active Directory with an existing custom developed system for the medical reports along with the Lap Access System (LAS) which is also special developed for the University hospital, the integration which we called Electronic Health Record (HIS) included the custom made Radiology Information System (RIS). alfanar used Microsoft BizTalk server 2009 as the middleware system and Microsoft SQL Server as database server for the integration which was built on the Health level HL7 messaging proctor. alfanar automated over 20 patient related forms and procedures to be filled by the doctor in order to make the university hospitals a paperless organization saving both time and effort.

The new integrated system enabled the hospital’s doctors through one interface and single-sign-on (SSO) to allocate all the patients history records with the university hospitals which facilitate the doctor to reach to better diagnoses and saves the patient and doctor time.

alfanar IT not only built the integrated engine but also built the supporting infrastructure for the system which included servers, SAN storage, NAS storage and many other active components that enabled the system to run on both of the hospitals fully synchronized to avoid any interruption of work in case any of the sites failed without losing any information.

alfanar IT focus to promote OpenText to the Governmental sector out of which we have strong client database such as King Saud University Hospital which is consider the biggest implementation for electronic archiving in the Middle East. alfanar also aim to target the private sector through series of marketing activates, based on the success King Saud University Hospital whom acting as reference for alfanar and OpenText, alfanar IT is targeting the medical records departments in governmental and private hospitals as a vertical industry.


Who we are?

alfanar IT is a Saudi leader in systems integration consulting resulting from decades of experience helping some of the leading Saudi organizations, our skilled people, a profound understanding of technology and our industrialized approach. alfanar IT (Systems Integration Consulting) helps clients solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as IBM, Cisco and ULTIMUS, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace.

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