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Development projects Center of the Ministry of the Interiors, mission is to plan, design, create the highest quality facilities for the ministry and oversee the overall development of the ministry to serve the Saudi society.

At the Development Projects Center, the modern means of communication and information technology are highly required strongly in the previous period, so they are working on improving and continuously developing using the best species such as - Cisco and HP- and we set up the best working environment for the staff of the Centre to be more effective The Center has implemented a project to link the seven branches around the Kingdom with the main branch with voice and video using advanced technology phones Cisco (Voice over IP) to enable the Center to communicate with all branches with less cost The Center had to choose alfanar IT to implement such complex project, because of the modern technologies and specialization in the techniques of unified communications that the company is offering, which is the prime element of the project that has been taking place on the ground in eight branches around the Kingdom. It has to be said that this project took lots of preparation of alfanar IT starting with datacenter, the preparation of the servers and many other equipment to ensure that the highest rates of global physical security standards that the Center requires to save the datacenter of all the risks such as hijacking or fire.

The project was divided into four phases, initially was the preparations of the datacenter, second phase was the supply and installation of servers, SAN Storage, Third phase was about upgrading the current legacy system, supply and installation of telephones in the main branch and finally installation of phone and network information in eight branches across the Kingdom.

alfanar IT provider the network to serve more than 400 employees of the staff of Development Projects Center of the Ministry of Interior in the eight branches of the Center scattered around the kingdom, the supply and installation of all this equipments took place in Riyadh, Tabuk and Madinah and Qassim and Dammam.

The most important factor of all was the Arabization localization that assist in facilitating work with Cisco IP phones that was made by alfanar IT, as the Center works only in Arabic as well as many of the staff are not fluent in foreign languages, The arabizations enabled them to utilize all the functions of phones smoothly and completely.

alfanar IT added multiple applications such as weather and currency rates, which makes the phone more intelligent and efficient.

The most important policies of selection of new systems in the Center is to choose of the first solutions used around the world and that is why Cisco products was chosen, but in the other hand the center doesn’t rely on one source of technology, alfanar IT had to prove and to test the full compatibility other advanced phones with Cisco advanced to ensure the continuity of the project in the future in case of non-availability of the product for any reason and the center desire to expand later on.

alfanar IT studied all obstacles of the transition from the old system of the modern system to insure the smooth of the tension without effecting the business.

The Center now can live on a daily basis with all branches of the center sharing ideas and solving problems using voice and video communication within a few minutes and do the meetings that would have required us to travel from all over the Kingdom and helped us in the decision-making process properly and in the right time.

Who we are?

alfanar IT is a Saudi leader in systems integration consulting resulting from decades of experience helping some of the leading Saudi organizations, our skilled people, a profound understanding of technology and our industrialized approach. alfanar IT (Systems Integration Consulting) helps clients solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as IBM, Cisco and ULTIMUS, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace.

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